I use a Thermomix for the smooth distribution and blending it affords and an induction cooker.

Please look out for hints and tips on using either my marinades or sauces in recipes that are provided under this section.
Most of the recipes published are “commercial” in nature and will result in larger quantities being prepared. You can scale the recipes down to suit your requirements.

Some notes on using the sauce/ marinade
The sauce version is a cooked product that can be used as both a condiment and a marinade.
The marinade version is just that: uncooked and a marinade.

The marinade and sauce can be used on a variety of meat-based products from L.M. prawns  (L.M. refers to the old name of Lorenço Marques, now commonly known as Maputo) to chicken, beef trinxado and pulled pork .

It works well with vegetarian dishes including courgettes; carrots; celeriac, mushrooms; lentil burgers; tempeh and egg based dishes including omelettes and poached eggs.

A great recipe for peri peri bread rolls works a treat.

For something completely different, Little Bird Gin uses it as part of their Bloody Mary

I have included a number of other recipes online

Submit your own recipe:
People who have bought the marinade or sauce and wish to see their recipe published here, should please email me (enquiries @ africanvolcano. com) their recipe along with the following details:
Your name; your website address; where you purchased the product; high resolution pictures
Recipe to include the following: Ingredients; Method; Yield



Disclaimer: Submission of recipes does not mean they will be published. Your intellectual property rights remain.

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