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300g    mature beef fillet
30ml    clarified butter
15ml     garlic (to taste)
30ml    African Volcano peri peri marinade (medium strength)
2    bay leaves
10ml    olive oil (2 x 5ml)
80-100ml Veal Jus
Salt and pepper to taste
50ml    cream

Portuguese style potatoes/ pommes game

In a container put cubed beef fillet, Peri-peri marinade, bay leaves, seasoning, olive oil. Mix well with meat, marinating all pieces. Put drained fillet carefully into very hot pan with clarified butter & olive oil (“smoking” pan). Avoid splashing as fat is hot!

Seal on at least 2 sides (dark brown). Remove from pan. Deglaze with marinade. Add veal jus and reduce. Add cream and reduce till required consistency. Return sealed meat to the pan and cost with the sauce. Serve immediately with Portuguese style potatoes and have some fresh bread for dunking.

An addendum to this recipe: You can use the sauce instead of the marinade, for a fuller, deeper flavour

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