Pulled Pork on Peri Peri Bap

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Dirty Porker

Dirty Porker

Pulled Pork on Peri Peri Bap

6kg shoulder of pork, on the bone, skin removed
240g African Volcano peri peri marinade (medium strength)
Maldon salt to taste
1L Cola
1l Orange juice
100g Demerara sugar
240g African Volcano peri peri sauce (medium strength)
5 x Recipe for the African Volcano peri peri roll

Marinate the boned and butterflied pork shoulder for four hours in the African Volcano peri peri marinade.
Reduce the cola and orange by 50%. Reserve to one side

Once marinade session is complete, place in a deep baking tray and season liberally with Maldon salt.
Place in a pre-heated oven (80DegC) for 16 hours (Ideally leave this overnight), uncovered. Turn at least once.
Raise the temperature to 100DegC and cook for a further 60minutes.
Remove tray from the oven and increase the temperature to 180DegC. Drain the liquid from the tray into the reduction and mix thoroughly. Pour liberally over the cooked pork and return to the tray. Cover with foil and return to the oven. Cook for 45 minutes.
Remove tray from oven and leave the shoulder to rest in the juices for 30 minutes. Drain and reserve the cooked shoulder on a drip tray.
Whilst it is cooling, use the 2 fork method to shred or pull the cooked meat, as thought you would for a Rillette. Remove any gristle and excess fat (leave some fat in for the reheating). Reserve to one side and allow cooling. Store in a fridge below 3degC, covered and dated.
Remove excess fat from the reduction mixture and separate both. Reserve both to one side for later use. Store in the fridge, below 3DegC.
When reheating the pork, use some fat in the pan, add approximately 150g cooked weight of the pulled pork. Fry quickly and add some reduction to moisten.
Serve in a peri-peri bap, with sliced tomato and gherkin.
Eat immediately.

Alternative Method

Go to the butcher on your way home from work and collect your pre-ordered shoulder of pork. Come home and pour yourself a glass of wine. Marinate the pork for four to six hours and leave in a deep baking dish and refrigerate. Just before you go to bed, season liberally with the salt and place the pork in a pre-heated (90˚C) oven and enjoy those dreams.

Get up and go to work the following day. Come home from work and pour yourself another glass of wine. Remove the pork from the oven and cover with foil. (it should have cooked for 18hours – low and slow!) Now make the reduction in a small pot and add the reduction ingredients. Reduce by half. Skim the fat off and leave to cool.

Note: drinking wine will not improve the dish. However, it does ease the troubles of a busy day.

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