African Volcano Burger recipe

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Dirty Old Heifer

Dirty Old Heifer

African Volcano Burger recipe

Y= 25 portions (170g ea.)


4kg Beef mince, coarse ground (20/80)

150g tomato ketchup

100ml gluten-free soy sauce

240ml African Volcano medium strength peri peri sauce

25 slices Emmenthaler cheese


Mix all ingredients together. Portion into burger patties and shape. Interleave with baking parchment. Leave to rest in covered container in the fridge.

Cooking: (total cooking time 4 – 7 minutes. Depending on how rare you like your burgers)

When cooking, season both sides with Maldon salt. After the first turn on the grill, baste liberally with the BBQ sauce. Repeat for the second turn. On the third turn, baste with the BBQ sauce and place a slice of Emmenthaler cheese. Cover and leave to cook and the cheese to melt.


Place in the burger bun (Portuguese roll or Peri Peri bap) along with some mixed salad leaves; sliced tomato; sliced gherkin; sautéed onion. Drizzle a little African volcano Peri Peri sauce over the cooked burger.


BBQ Marinade

This is a recipe which gives a flavour of Cape Town.  It is something I’ve used for many years and works well with meat products (beef/ chicken/ pork or lamb). I use it for basting the burgers I serve at Maltby Street on Saturdays.

(sufficient for 10 persons)


400ml    Tomato sauce
300ml    Fruit chutney
50ml      Worcestershire sauce
100ml    Soy sauce
500g       Onion diced
80g         Garlic chopped
150ml    Olive oil
200ml    Red wine
100ml    Cola
50g         BBQ spice
50g         Cracked white pepper
80g         Maldon salt
80g         Chopped thyme
30g         Paprika
10g         Chopped Chillies (optional)


Mix thoroughly and leave to rest in the fridge for 30minutes.

Pour liberally over the meat and marinade for at least 3 hours prior to the cooking.

When cooking, baste liberally with the remaining marinade.


Portuguese Rolls

Y= 17 (Portion 140g)

1500g Strong white bread flour
50g dried yeast
100g golden castor sugar
200ml milk – gold top
550ml warm water
100g salted butter
45g Maldon salt


Prove 3 times
Brush with milk
Dust with flour
Bake 200degC 25min

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