Mozambican Street Food Tasting Menu launched

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African Volcano’s Grant Hawthorne launches the city’s first seven-course street food tasting menu – and it’s a Peri Peri feast.

Mozambican Street Food Tasting Menu – A First for London

A seven-course street food tasting menu, celebrating the flavours of Mozambique, will be setting taste buds aflame every Saturday and Sunday from April at the Maltby Street food market in Bermondsey, London.

The extensive and unusual tasting menu is the brainchild of chef Grant Hawthorne, owner of African Volcano, which produces a variety of peri peri sauces and products.

“We believe we are the first to offer a seven-course tasting menu of street food here in London and possibly the world,” he says.

“This fabulous food experience showcases the versatility of our famous African Volcano peri peri on a variety of dishes. Diners will be able to enjoy the full spectrum of what’s possible taste-wise,” he says.

Hawthorne travelled to Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo, last year to research ideas for the tasting menu which he then tweaked and perfected at the Maltby Street Market.

Chouriço on homemade Portuguese bread is one of the highlights of the menu which also includes sensational dishes like crab and prawn rissois, chicken livers, trinxado, prawns, baby chicken and Portuguese custard flan.

African cuisine has been highlighted as the one to watch in 2018 and Mozambique has a rich history of flavoursome food that packs a punch.

Says Hawthorne: “In years gone by, people used to travel to Lourenco Marques (now Maputo) to feast on delicacies. Acknowledging this culinary history, London to Maputo is our themed experience.

“Peri Peri is not just about chicken. On our food tour around Mozambique and expat restaurants in Johannesburg last year, the range was extensive.”

Hawthorne, who has a reputation for serving some of the best burgers in London and who was a finalist at the city’s recent National Burger Awards, has guests from all over the world flocking to his stall every weekend.

“It’s popular among foodies who can try a variety of peri peri-infused dishes like chicken prego rolls, slow-roasted pulled pork on a peri peri bap and giant flame-grilled tiger prawns, in addition to our regular range of burgers.

“The new tasting menu takes the peri peri experience a step further by bringing together a huge variety of tastes to sample at a single sitting. It’s a culinary tour to flavours from a far-away place. Visitors can also pair the seven dishes with beers and wines provided by fellow traders at the market,” he says.

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