African Volcano heats the Streets

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(H)eating the London streets with African Volcano peri peri

African Volcano Stall

African Volcano Stall

African Volcano Peri Peri has recently entered the gourmet street food scene in London, showcasing the versatility of using the premium sauce and marinade.

For the past few months, award-winning Master Chef of Great Britain, Grant Hawthorne, has been introducing a variety of dishes from his stall at Maltby Street food market in Bermondsey, SE1.

Chef Grant Hawthorne says: “With the focus on London in 2012, it was an easy decision to leave the restaurant kitchens after 26 years and devote time and energy into producing great quality, affordable street food, using my recently launched brand of Peri Peri.”

He says further: “I was approached several months back to bring a little taste of Cape Town to the hugely popular Maltby Street food market. Peri Peri is not just about chicken, but can be used to enhance prawns, pulled pork etc. My marinade and sauce have been developed to complement each other. This gives me the opportunity to showcase what it can do.”

He continues: “The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Several regulars have returned for their weekly chicken Prego roll (aka #DirtyBurgher) 11 times (out of 13 weeks to date). They’ve also learned the secret to Peri Peri, in the three-stage taste testing I interactively do with them. To discover this secret, you’ll need to pop by one Saturday to Maltby Street…”

He says: “I’ve recently been joined on the stall by two guest chefs, Irishman Dave Ahern and chef-author, Alex Watts. We’ve had some great fun cooking together. Loads of laughs and it helps they’re both fans of my peri peri.”

Grant says further: “Aside from publishing my recipes to use both the sauce and marinade so that customers can experiment with at home, I donate 30 pence from every bottle sold, to support the initiatives of Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Build project in Cape Town.”

Grant Hawthorne has recently been working on further product lines to complement those he currently produces. These will be produced later in the year and will include a milder and hotter version of both the sauce and marinade.
African Volcano Mozambique style Peri Peri sauces and marinades are available to purchase in:
(The Isle of Skye Baking company, Portree 01478 612 669)
(Macken Brothers butchery, Chiswick, London 0208 994 2646).
(Grahams butcher, East Finchley, London 020 888 36 187)
(Designa Sausage, Cheshire 01663 764 208)
(St Marcus Fine Foods, Roehampton, London 0208 878 1898)
(The Savanna shops, London, 0208 780 3727)
(Macknade Fine Foods, Faversham, Kent  0179 553 4497)
They are available to order online at

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