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Some useful information regarding African Volcano sauces and marinades

The African Volcano sauce and marinade have been developed to complement each other, with the marinade being the base and the sauce being the reinforcement of the base flavours of chilli, garlic, spices and herbs. One thing I’d highly recommend is you use freshly squeezed lemon on any of the cooked product. It lifts the flavours quite stunningly.

All three versions (medium, hot and extra hot) contain three cultivars of chillies: Scotch bonnet; African Birds Eye and Facing Heaven.
The hot version has an added chilli, Dorset Naga (1Million Scoville Units) – 1% per volume.
The extra hot is only produced in the sauce version and has two extra chillies: Dorset Naga (1million Scoville Units) – 4% per volume + Trinidad Moruga Scorpion (2Million Scoville Units) – 1% per volume.

The marinades soften out quite beautifully, when cooked, whereas the sauce tends to build in heat strength as follows:
All sauces have the flavours of tomato, herbs, garlic and onion. This is then followed by
Medium strength: 4 seconds later, you’ll get the heat and the flavour of the chillies. The flavour lingers, then dissipates after around 10-15minutes
Hot strength: 3-8 seconds later you’ll get the heat and flavour of the chillies. The flavour lingers, then dissipates after 15-20minutes
Extra hot strength: 8-12 seconds later you’ll get the initial heat, which then builds for a further 10 -15 seconds. The flavour lingers, then dissipates after 15-25 minutes
Times stated are approximate and vary from person to person.

The optimum time for marinating is between six and seventy two hours, in the fridge. This allows the flavours to be absorbed by the product you are marinating.

A 240g bottle will be sufficient for approximately 6 – 8kg’s of raw meat product.
Both the marinade and the sauce can be “extended” or thinned out using either: crème fraiche/ mayonnaise/ sunflower (or olive) oil/ yoghurt etc.

Recipe suggestions are available on the website under the recipe section.

Allergy facts:
Marinade: sunflower oil; olive oil; garlic; chilli; dealcoholised wine (which contain sulphites)
Sauce: oils; garlic; onion; dealcoholised wine (which contain sulphites); tomato; lemon juice; chilli;Mustard (trace)
Both the sauce and marinade are gluten-free and the range is registered with the Vegan Society.

Some facts about the Peri Peri being produced:
Currently produced and bottled by Grant Hawthorne.
Once opened it should be stored in the fridge at 3c for up to 6 weeks.
Unopened, it can be stored in ambient temperature for up to 12 months
Colour might change over a period of time
Minimum 240g bottled
The peri peri style sauce or marinade might split (or separate) – as it is wont to do. A vigorous shake of the bottle will allow emulsification again.
The bottles are recyclable (once the sauce is finished, you can wash thoroughly and heat-sterilize before decanting your own home-made flavoured oils etc.) and the square olive oil bottles allow far more packing and stacking options in your kitchen cupboards than round bottles, which might take up a greater area, due to their shape.

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