Lion's Head

Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head resembles an old volcano and is the acknowledgement of Grant Hawthorne’s roots down in Cape Town.


Logo sketch - Lions Head

Logo sketch – Lions Head

The recipe I learned came from a Mozambique-born lady who fled their revolution and eventually made her way to Cape Town (some years later, of course). It is a recipe I have modified over the past 15+ years and has been a work in progress. Refining the flavours and textures to create what is available today.

Peri Peri refers to the Portuguese East African (Mozambique) chilli dishes that became hugely popular in my youth, whilst living in Cape Town. Traditionally the marinade and sauce will have a base of chilli, citrus, spices, garlic and oil.

As is common down south, the active outdoor lifestyle sees an enormous amount of barbeques. The marinades and sauces can be used domestically for roasting, grilling and pan frying too.

The style of my peri peri is flavour then heat, followed by a lingering aftertaste and slight burn. It shouldn’t just burn you and that is the end of the endorphin rush! (Too many hot sauces use vinegar as a base. These versions do not, as I believe it is all about the flavour)

A wider variety of chillies are used in the production of the sauces and marinades. From Scotch bonnet to the Dorset Naga, most sourced through Edible ornamentals in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

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