African Volcano Peri Peri Sauces and Marinade

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By filling in the entry form you agree to allow the applicant to participate in this competition and, if appropriate, the cook-off and any promotional activities associated with receiving such award which shall be limited to a maximum of two days activity.

Competition guidelines. African Volcano 2013.
Top TWO in each category invited to a cook off:
Finalist categories:
Best Vegetarian/ Vegan; Best Seafood/ shellfish; Best Meat; Best chicken; Best “other”

1. A maximum time of 2 ½ hours is allowed to produce the two submitted recipes to serve four adults from the recipes and working methods entered by the competitor.

2. Competitors should provide their own ingredients, knives, kitchen equipment and presentation plates.

3. Menus should be typed, and recipe and methods included in the presentation package including timings and costings.

4. The required content should be produced and presented to the judges prior to the commencement of the cook-off.

5. It is recognised that some items of mis en place may need to be brought in. Competitors may bring in such items as puff pastry/jus etc. but MUST however be able to demonstrate within the 2½ hours the making of the product and present the product with their presentation to the judges.

6. All competitors are required to use either the sauce or marinade, or a combination of both made by African Volcano.

7. No coaching of competitors from mentors is permitted although mentors are allowed to help their candidate set up and clear down.

8. During the set-up period no cooking is allowed and there will be a 20 minute break between set-up and the start of the competition to allow competitors to collect their thoughts and the judges to brief the competitors.

9. The judges will be looking at the following marking criteria:
(A) Flavour 25%
(B) Presentation 10%
(C) Innovation 20%
(D) Hygiene 10%
(E) Workmanship/confidence 5%
(F) Working method 10%
(G) Originality 10%
(H) Timing 10%

Points will be deducted for wastage.

10. By entering this competition all entrants agree that African Volcano reserves the right to use any material submitted, including but not limited to photographs, for any purpose connected with the competition.

11. Only judges and competitors are allowed to taste the competitor’s presentation products.

12. Evidence of age i.e. birth certificate/passport needs to be made available to the judges in the final to verify that the competitor is aged 18 years or over.

13. Health & Safety and Hygiene Procedures must be adhered to during the competition.

14. The judge’s decision is final.

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